You need more than just a single steel supplier, you need a veteran partner who has been in the field for 24 years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let STEELANCE help you achieve business success.


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What You Would Find on

At, you can find most of the steel types you can find on the market. The best part? We can customize steel according to your needs, which works perfectly for your business!

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stainless steel strips

They offer excellent formability and weldability, good corrosion resistance, hygienic and easy-to-clean surface, high strength and ductility, and a long life span.

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Galvanized Coil Spangled

The service life of galvanized steel is much longer than that of other coatings, and it has been used for more than 150 years.

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hot rolled steel 1

It has good mechanical properties, including excellent ductility, weldability, and toughness.

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cold rolled steel

It is more expensive than hot-rolled steel, but it has better dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

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seamless pipe

Easier to install than other types of pipes because they do not require welding or joints.

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stainless steel I angle I beam

It is one of the most widely used structural steel products in the world. It is affordable and has a long service life.

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Proud to offer a wide variety of steel

If you are looking for something specific that isn’t listed on our website yet, just contact us today!

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Who is have seen that today there are also many steel companies in China & internationally. However, their solutions were still stuck a few years ago. In fact, we have been upgraded in recent years, and hope our smart and flexible solutions can inject fresh blood into this market.

  • Recognized by Japanese customers who are well-known as strict with quality.
  • Participated in the formulation of Chinese Steel Industry Standards since 1998, which makes us the benchmark of this industry.
  • Our vertical integrated production lines make it possible to provide you with higher quality steel at less cost.
  • Babysitting ZERO experience steel importers. Focus more on your own business. Less struggling with importing issues.


Some of Our Achievements

Certificates and award is recognition of our hard work. We will keep up the good work and make sure the products you receive always meet the highest quality standards.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Read why our customers come back to us time and time again!


Customer Case Study

Check below customer cases to see how we help our customers achieve their business goals.


Got Questions? Get Answers.

Here are the most common concerns that our past customers had before placing the order.

1. What are your payment conditions?

Our payment term is 30% down deposit by T/T and rest against B/L by T/T.

2. What is the time frame for your delivery?

We aim to deliver within 10 days per 20ft of steel, depending on the order size and complexity. We have a robust supply chain and logistics network that enables us to meet this timeframe for most orders.

3. Is it possible to receive a sample first?

Yes, of course. Our samples are typically free. We can make use of your samples or technical drawings to do so. The molds and fixtures may be built by us.

4. How can I get a quotation from you?

Please visit our website for further information. We will respond to you by email as soon as possible. Alternatively, we may contact you via WhatsApp or WeChat. You may also obtain our phone numbers on the contact page.

5. Why consider us as a steel manufacturer?

Steel manufacturing is a very competitive market, with many different players. At Steelance, we believe that our greatest asset is our ability to react quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs. Whether it’s a rush order or a change in specification, we are able to make the necessary changes without losing time or quality.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also have a deep understanding of the steel industry. Our team has years of experience working with various types of steel, from structural steel to galvanized sheet metal. We understand what customers are looking for and can provide recommendations based on their specific needs.

6. What are the current and valid qualifications?

We have certifications in the following:

  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • IAS AC472

7. What is the current quality program based being used by Steelance?

Steelance is based on the requirements of ISO 9001, MBMA, ASTM, AISC, AWS, SSPC, and IAS AC472.

8. What is Steelance annual production capacity?

Steelance has an annual production capacity of 12,000MT of steel structure alone.

9. What is the typical testing performed in your steel structure?

“I really enjoyed working with you guys, you guys are very communicative and quick to do the job. I really can’t wait to work with you again!”

10. Who do I contact with questions and deliveries or installation?

Steelance is there for you throughout the whole process, unlike most companies. Simply give our pleasant sales a call and we’ll be happy to assist with anything else.

11. What are your price ranges?

Quotes are customized to your project’s size, features, and tolerances. Request a free quote to obtain a tailored pricing estimate right now!

12. Is there someone available to assist clients after the project is completed?

Yes, Steelance is here to help you with any questions you may have and to ensure that your completed items are to your satisfaction. To speak with a member of our staff, contact us.

13. How can I place an order with Steelance?

Please call Steelance’s salesperson or our sales department as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can visit our contact us page.



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